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As Gulberenk, we contemplated on the idea of “clean” and “dirty” in the “One Clean One Dirty” programme we performed online and on stage.

Cleaning: being pure, clean and stainless. The word “good job” is used for the works that are done carefully and appropriately. Human being can have peace only when he is clean in terms of body, head and heart.

Dirtiness:  being dirty, messy and with stains. Dishes are “dirty” when they are used and unwashed. People who like to fight and are problematic are also “dirty”.

In general: being clean describes the positive and dirty describes the negative situations. Our Almighty Lord stated in the Suratun Shams v.9 that: “Successful indeed is the one who purifies their soul,”

As you see, cleaning the body is not enough, human being has to clean the soul as well. Interest dirties the money, jealousy dirties the heart, forbidden actions dirty the eyes and lies dirty the tongue. Bodily cleaning is performed with cleanser and detergents but to clean the inside we need to pledge forgiveness(tewbe), prostration, contemplation and goodnesses.

Having ablution (Wudu) is and action which cleans both body and spirit. Getting clean is beautiful but staying clean all the time is even more beautiful. For this, first of all we need to learn and choose the halal and clean then stay away from those who orders the badness.

Upon learning these, we made dua as follows: “O Allah! We take refuge to You from all physical and mental dirts. Make us from your servants who are clean and stay like this till the last breath as You like. Ameen!”

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