Dear Visitors,

This week, “Lessons from Line to the Heart” took place on the internet between 22:00 and 00:00 at night that connects Thursday to Friday.

In the lesson reinforced with various photographs, guided questions and different examples; based on a tiny noose, emphasis was placed on the human being. It was mentioned that we, too, are tiny loops in the veil of Islam and that we must be servants to Allah. And “Lessons From Line to Heart” prompted the participants to reflect again differently and deeply.

Feelings and thoughts were shared at the end of our lesson. This episode, in which it was stated that some people realized their incompetence, some understood their nothingness, and some had difficulty in writing because of the intensity of their feelings, this episode witnessed a different excitement. Together we can think of kilometers from each other in case we were away, and together we can notice that we can affect these lessons from Turkey and the world’s precious lady subsidiary has close to four hundred thousand from various countries. Our wish is to be able to progress further with even more hearts and souls.

Other activities within the scope of Friday Meetings; we carried out the “Salat, Salam, and Dua” and “Brotherhood Mobilization” with unity of hand and heart. Once again we tasted the taste of being one, being us.

With the prayer and wish of digesting what we learned and putting it into our lives, we went to our core, we did not say goodbye, just left to meet again.

If you want to register, you can call now for free registration and information: 0554 530 11 08

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