Dear Valued Guests,

Gulberenk Values Education Association has completed the eighth of “Glossing Programs” organized online led by the Educator Author Neslihan Nur Turk.

This time a passage that has the same name of the book has been chosen from the “Let Love In” in the program in which a passage is chosen from the author’s book and explained in details.

In meeting took place at telegram / glossing group, first issue was to explain why there is neither voice not vision exist in the program.

Then, the aim of this program was explained. After talking of many important reasons, the Word “Love” was explained and “true love“ was mentioned. Feelings that are waken up in the hearts and thoughts which was risen in the minds were shared. Later readers asked questions to the author.

While the meeting has ended peacefully, sixteen valuable women who entered the invitation gave positive feedbacks. Program has ended after 2 hours in which we contemplated more on love.

We thank to Miss Hatice Kubra Topcu who showed great effort in the organisation of this service and hope to meet in many good works.

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