Dear Valued Visitors,

We have been shocked with the earthquake, named as the “Disaster of the time”, which caused destructions and fear in 11 cities at the same time in the night of Monday on February 6, 2023.

The horrible disaster in which many citizens lost their family, home, job, business in minutes filled people who have conscious and mercy in the hearts with the question of “What can I do form my earthquake victim brothers and sisters?”

As Gulberenk Values Education Association, we made a pool for helps quickly. Financial aid and aid in kinds incorporation of GULBERENK has been taken to firstly AFAD and also many other non-governmental organizations working at the area for the earthquake victims.

From Kayseri to Kahramanmaras, from there to Mersin and Adana, we have made many programs.

Within the scope of moral and motivational Works, art activities, road of happiness plays, Gulberenk songs concerts, giving presents to each other programs have been organized. It has been aimed to relax the staff of earthquake aid by serving pop-corns and tea and chatting. Conferans programs have been organized for women within the cities of Kayseri, Adana and Mersin. Our aim in these activities have been to give support by moving and to contribute in normalization.

In front of a big wound, we witnessed that we became the cause of joy and smile with affords which are like a small plaster. We ended our journey which we started to give hope, share sadness, ease the burdens and to console.

Our Lord Allah almighty blesses our sisters and brothers who have passed away, gives strength to those who stay alive.

May Allah the almighty protect our country and citizens from the disasters we cannot even imagine, from the tests which we cannot carry the burden. Amin…

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