Dear Precious Members,
Gulberenk was with its beloved children on the 15th of January in Kahramanmaras. There, we performed the program on “Waste” and had a very nice time. There is Izmit now on the line, then Manyas, afterwards Urfa. And thereafter…. Thank Allah we opened up our arms towards Anatolia! Now, it is time to work. Let us cut in the word and continue with work! One needs to fill the empty moments!

—My name is Asli Feride Dokumaci. I am nine years old. I liked the wasteful child. I learned how not to waste.
—My name is Hatice Aksoy. I am 40 years old. It was a very useful program. May Allah give you more power and strength; increase your efforts. It was very nice.
—Hatice Godeoglu of the Gulberenk Team
With this organization we discovered each other as teammates and got to know each other better. It was an intense but very sweet work. We got ready with great motivation. Every day had a different beauty. It is a very different feeling. I am proud to have taken part in such an organization. The prayers that took place behind the stage before the program took all our tiredness away. The sincere intention was beyond everything …

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