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We contemplated on the “One Tidy One Wrinkled” programme organised by Gulberenk Values Education Assosiation:

Straight, accurate, complete, smooth and neat ones are “tidy”, the ones that loses the regularity and order, and the crumpled ones are called “Wrinkled”.

A house built by a good carpenter, a kithcen where a master chef works, beautifully ironed clothes, skin cared regularly and a notebook used properly are tidy and regular and all of them make human peaceful. On the contrary, a wrinked cloth and untidy room are not wanted.

It is so important to have beauty and order in our looks, perceptions, intentions, manners and actions. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa peace be upon him said that: “Allah Almigthy is pleased with your steady and good works” (Baikhaki, Shabul Imaan, IV, 334)

What we should do is to be a regular passenger on the path of Allah Almighty. Upon hearing this, we turned to ourselves after making dua to be from the ones who corrects the inside and outside, corrects works and ways, give and find peace, are respectful and trustworthy servants of Him.


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Yorum Yap