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The Imagination Competition, the activity of the Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, which makes you feel the peace of creating a work by discovering and developing talents. It took place in July with great excitement!

In three categories. In the competition, in which children aged 8-12

, youth aged 13-21 and women over the age of 21 have the opportunity to participate, a total of fifteen works were exhibited this month, and three winners were chosen!

Muserref Piskince, the owner of the work titled “Calculation Work”, in which a wonderful pillowcase is created by skillfully processing the silvery threads on ethamine fabric, is in the children’s category.

Zehra Betul Koyuncu, the owner of the “Decorative Cutting Board”, which has become a magnificent work of art with the meeting of the cutting board with acrylic paints.

Salihâ Yuce, the owner of the work titled “I’m Flying to My Prophet”, which aims to tell the life of Muhammad Mustafa, peace be upon him, through colorful figures and games to preschool children, won the first place in the category of lady!

At the end of the competition, our winners shared their feelings with joy and each of them was rewarded 500 liras by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association!

If you want to experience the joy of production with us, you can call 0505 345 61 30 for registration and information!

Deadline for application: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 / 18.00

Hurry up!


Author: Merve Doganci

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