Dear Valued Guests,

We go on the Friday Meetings titled as “From the Lines to the Hearts” as Gulberenk Values Education Association.

In this weeks meeting, primarily we intented to live our each day as if it is our last day in this world, to live so, be busy with the resources which we can get the necessary actions from and run the rest energetically, fully up and purely.

We remembered that as Muslims, we have to take our responsibilities to the center in order to achive the goals. We thought that our responsibilities are heavy and no time for unimportant things.

By considering our situation, we noticed that; we have to try harder to get rid of the manners we regret for and we also give birth to problems which we think they are our tests but actually they take their resorces from the duties we ignore.

We remembered that our services on the path of Allah Almighty are real presents for us, servants are the poors in need of goodness, if we do not protect the goodness we have, Allah Almighty will take them back.

We decided to be from those who are careful, not spiritually blind, not jealous, silent inside, exalted in spirit, die in terms of laziness and born with consciousness.

We ended our lecture with the dua of remembering the importance of reaching our goal and work very hard for it, hope to meet next week in the lecture that fulls us with enery.

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Merve Doganci

December 10, 2022


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