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Gulberenk Online Educational Children programs have been going on with a great enthusiasm! J this month, we contemplated on livin right and clean. We rested with the energy of blue which is fresher and gives peace. Also we learnt about making blue cookies with halal dye and how to cook a blue pudding. 🙂

So, the different substances which was created by Allah the Almighty reacts with each other, result could be amazing. Do you know? Purple cabbage puree mixes with baking soda there comes the blue dye. Actually, we were very surprised to here this! 😳

If we bake the blue dye made out of purple cabbage with milk, flour and sugar, blue pudding is ready to eat. 😃

In order to prepare blue cookies, ıt is enough to grind purple cabbage and sugar, add baking soda and other ingredients, knead them all, shape and put it into the oven.

We have to get help from a elderly person to do all this.

All halal things are enough to have pleasure and joy. Actually people could get beautiful foods by not using any harmful and bad additions. But for this, we need to have effort. In order to consume clean food, we have to put effort and get tired a bit.

Life is like sky, sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny… life has many shades of blue for those who choose to live clean and righteously. Human being is joyful when his body, feelings, house and environment is clean. J

We have to be careful of these sentences.

  • Cleaning cannot happen with a dirty thing or way.
  • It is obliged to clean with the clean one.
  • Health depends on getting clean both physically and spiritually.
  • Life is like road. We look better if we get rid of garbage and harmful things.
  • Life is like a white paper. By not consuming and using clean, it turns into a resource which anyone can get use of.
  • Those who clean the house and neighborhood, contribute in the world’s cleaning.
  • Those who continue their worships sincerely get strengthened spiritually.

Out Lord Allah The Almighty says in the Quran in Surah Rad verse 29 as follows: “Those who believe and do good, for them will be bliss and an honorable destination” 💐

Our Beloved Prophet Peace be upon him describes the believers as follows: “The believer is like a bee which eats that which is pure and wholesome and lays that which is pure and wholesome. When it lands on something it does not break or ruin it” (Bayhakee, Suyutee) 💐

Islam advises to have a clean heart and a righteous life.those who keeps this advises sincerely are the friends of Allah the Almighty. Those are the special people whoever sees them remember Allah the Almighty.

Peace when looking at a blue sea or joy which is felt under the blue sky could be get in the conversation of Allah’s friends.

Upon hearing all these, we opened our hands and supplicated to Allah Almighty: “O our Lord Allah! Please make us a servant which is friend of Yours or make us closer to Your Friends who are both spreading peace like blue.” Amin. 💐

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