Dear Valued Visitors,

We were together in the pink program which was prepared by the Gulberenk Values Education Association also in this month. We added more beauties to our bags.

We became so happy and felt so warm to see the presents which were prepared in the collaboration of Gulberenk  & NEDAVU for the earthquake victims in Kahramanmaraş.

We analyzed the photos and watch the videos very carefully. We supplicated to Allah Almighty. We got good lessons, we decided to increase our thankfulness. ☺

Our soul became happy to hear the Pink flower, pink cake, pink cloud and pink glasses and we got relaxed. 😃

In this programi we contemplated on the pink color. We talked about the importance of being optimistic, having good eye and sight.

Pink is made by mixing red and white. Pink which arises beauties inside and makes relax has many tones. 🎨

The Exalted Lord Allah Almighty is such great to create the universe in various colors and many shades and give all the creatures to the service of humanity.

Some loves powder pink while others love the rose pink. Some loves the dark pink while others light one. Like all other colors, pink is a blessing with its various shades which each of us love some. ☺

We also said…Who does not love a pink cake or fuchsia flower… Who does not feel good by watching a pink cloud or looking at a quartz stone… Who would not be astonished by seeing a flamingo or a pink grasshopper…? ☺

It would never be enough to thank Allah almighty who we cannot count His blessings, even for the existence of pink color. 😳

To see beauties is only possible by looking beautifully. To increase the goodness is only possible by increasing the good intentions. Much more work is required to turn this world into the pink color which is very cute and makes people smile. A human should first correct his own sight. It is like deleting the badness and bad intentions and must fill it with sincerity.

Human being should come together, become like a pink rose bouquet, cheer the oppressed hearts.

Good thouhts are like pink.

Hope is like pink.

Love is like pink.

Dua is like pink.

Also helping others, sharing problems and being good for others…

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustapha peace be upon him consoled his friend Abu Bakeer radiAllahu Anh as follows:-Do not be sad. Allah is with us. No matter what happens… No matter which test we are in. 💐

So… Consoling is like pink as well…

Also feeling Allah and believe in Him…

After these beautiful contemplations, we opened our hands and supplicated to Allah the Almighty: “O our Lord! Please give goodness to us both in this world and hereafter (Baqara7201). Also please make us from your servants whose cheeks get reddish due to his/her health and sense of shame, whose existence gives peace like pink, and whose sight is as positive and beautiful as the color of pink.” Amin.💐

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