Dear Precious Members,

In January the theme of our “Pink Program” was based on the subject “Beautiful Morality”. We remembered toghether our dear Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam’s hadith that says, “Islam is about beautiful morality”. We learned that many good deeds such as smiling, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, being careful about others’ rights, not to ridicule anyone, respectful to parents and elders, show kindness and compassion to all creatures on earth…etc.

Hundreds of spectators participated in the program, we had greatly nice moments.
Gulberenk had a surprise this month, our program entitled, “What did the little Darwish Say?” has started. The little darwish has discussed the “salah” (prayer) theme this month.

The Gulberenk team is working with such speed to deliver the “Little Darwish” programs not only to its guests, but also to children all over the world.
There is too much to do! There is no time! Then let us not prolong the Word and waste time. See you next month, goodbye!

Yorum Yap