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Children Educational Programs have been going on as online with a great enthusiasm which were prepared by Gulberenk Values Education Association. 😊

This month’s title was “The Purple Program”. We contemplated on the concept of richness in various aspects. We also learned that purple is made by mixing red and blue color. 🎨

When we saw the purple knitted eggplant like key holders for active participants we became so happy. It was so nice. 🍆

When we say active participants, we understand that only joining by ourselves is not enough. We should tell more and more people and call them to learn more about Gulberenk which produces very clean and useful programs in such an era when deviances are all over and obvious and takes children mainly to the web.

In dictionaries, richness is described as to have tangible asset or to have resources of tangible assets or possessions.

As we said in the program, money, property, clothes, food and car are the basic needs of human being. To be considered as wealthy, some has to have more gold, house, property or money more than basic need.

So, being wealthy is one of the tests of this world.

Allah The Almighty states in Surah Al-Isra verse 30 as follows:

“Surely your Lord gives abundant or limited provisions to whoever He wills. He is certainly All-Aware, All-Seeing of His servants. ” 💐

We talked that, whatever we buy and collect for this World will eventually stay in the World. We have to make investments for our both worlds and get the most beautiful richness. Also we have to protect and increase the real richness. ☺

Allah’s blessings on human beings are both material and spiritual. So servant’s wealth could be both material and spiritual.

Some carries different types of richness all together.

Moreover, Allah Almighty tests his servants either with poverty or richness according to their nature and creation. Generally poverty seems more difficult; but it is also not easy to have property.

We said that some duties of wealthy are as follows:

  • To work for the Halal earnings.
  • To know what he earns is from Allah Almighty and be thankful.
  • Not to boast with property and capacity.
  • Not to consume more than need.
  • To consider poor and orphans.
  • To pay the Zakah (Islamic obligatory tax)
  • To pilgrim (Hajj)
  • To increase the charity.
  • To serve from the most beautiful ones.
  • Not to show off.
  • To do all the goodness for no one but Allah Almighty.

To perform all these duties properly needs a strong belief and a big heart. To consider richness just about a material concept is a real incompleteness.

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustapha (peace be upon him) said as follows:

“Wealth is not in having many possessions. Rather, true wealth is the richness of the

We also learnt that, real richness is not about being billionaire but being satisfied, generous, patient and smiley. How come a person could be considered as wealthy who has yacht, houses but does not have power, health, good notions and capacity that turns into goodness?

Real wealth is turning all the possessions of oneself into the goodness for himself and others.

After hearing these all, we opened our hands and supplicated as follows:

O my Lord Allah Almighty! Make us wealthy servants of You who does not depend on anyone materially, are thankful and serving, spiritually try to gain the sake of You more than anything else! Amin.

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