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Educational Children Programs which are prepared by Gulberenk have been going on with a great love and enthusiasm. This month’s title was “The Red Program”. Very fresh and new information were added to our bags alreadyJ

All together we contemplated on the red color. 🎨 Red is one of the main colors. That is why we cannot get red by mixing other colors.

Its name come from the bark louse lives on cerris-trees. 😳 We were surprised to learn this!  😳

Red dye could be obtained from red pepper, red beet, from the roots of dock and Calabrian pine bark.

If we want, we can produce red dye at home by ourselves from red pepper. First of all, a desert spoon of pepper should be taken into a pot and pour water on it. After boilin this mixture, filter it into another pot, add one table spoon of sugar on it, and boil for more 4 to 5 minutes. Take it into a jar and red dye is ready! 🖌🖼

By the way, ask for the help of an elderly to do it. ❣

Red is an charming, alive and warm color. It is the representative of sometimes anger, sometimes being mature and having borders, sometimes shame and being shy and sometimes also the color of action and having fast decisions.

Red color which has many shades also gives energy. 😍 Red is fire, red is excitement. Red is blood.

Tomato, cherry, strawberry, water melon…Corn poppy, primrose, rose, begonia…Cornelian, coral, gArnet…there are many blessings on earth in the red color. ☺

Upon hearing these, we thank a lot to our Lord Allah the Almighty and supplicated to him as follows: “O our Lord Allah the Almighty! Please make us from your servants whose tongue is thankful with enthusiasm and cheeks are reddish due to have sense of shame. Amin”

If you want to gain new information and increase your contemplation, we would like to see you in the Gulberenk Educational Children Program. ☺

Please call us on 0534 245 18 08 FOR registration. 📞

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