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We had the ablutions, wore white clothes and we had the “The White Program” with koy and thankfulness which was prepared by Gylberenk Values Education Association!

We contemplated on the white color and learned many important information. ☺

So, white dye is different than the White light. White light is the one which reflects all other colors of light. But we cannot get the White color but mixing all other colors.

We learnt that White dye is made by sedimentary rock, clay or lead. It could be made by titanium dioxide but it is dangerous.

Moreover, being white and whitening are different issues. It is not true to whiten something and change its integrity.

Also we said, flour, salt and sugar should be used in its original colors. It is not healthy to whiten teeth, skin or hair. Real approach should keep them clean instead of whitening. The right one is to be satisfied with natural white.

Also, white is inclusive. According to optical physics, white includes all colors. White is fresher. It lightens the tones of colors and burden of people, it refreshes.

In addition, white enlarges. It helps areas to seem larger than usual. White means purity.

Babies and brides, maybe because of this, wear white.

We also learnt that white is innocence. But we have to keep in mind that not all white are innocent. White means cleaning. That’s why, the smallest dust or dirt is seen on white fabric and the smallest mistake is noticed on people who have high moral.

Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) said:

“O My Allah! Wash away my sins with the water of snow and hail and cleanse my heart from the sins as a white garment cleansed of filth” (Bukhari, Daawat,39) 💐

As we said in the program, spiritual ascent is only possible with the cleansing of heart. Cleaning of intentions, feelings and ideas are really important.

Our Exalted Lord Allah Almighty says in the Holy Book of Quran as follows:

“Say, “Whether you conceal what is in your breasts or reveal it, Allah knows it.” (Surah Ali Imran verse 29) 💐

For good mannered and spiritually high people “shining” they say.

Charming and bright white is also the representative of a shining people.

Moreover we said, clouds, gals, lams and rabbits…White roses, gardenias, hyacinths and daisies…Pearls, valuable and remedial stones like moonstones…White hairs and which beards…White snow covering earth in winter…As if they are the cleanest and purest of colors, tons and tons of whites.

Off-white, Smoke, Snow, Cold, Antiquate, Bone, Ecru… Powder, Ivory, Egg, Vanilla, Pearl, Sea Shell… How Glorified is our Lord who created white colors in many tones. 🖤

Also, our Beloved Prophet Peace be upon Him advised as follows: “Wear White clothes for they are purer and better.”(Abu Dawood, Libas 1)“Do not pluck white hairs. It will be light for him on the day of resurrection” (Tirmidhi, Adab 56”) 💐

So, white is beautiful. White on snowdrop, cotton and bubbles. White on shroud, eyes, milk…

We ended the program after supplicating: “O Our Lord Allah Almighty, make our heart, moral and words pure like white…Amin.” We hoped to meet in the pink program.

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