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Gulberenk Educational Children Programs have been going on with a great enthusiasm! This month’s title was “The Yellow Program”. New information were added to our knowledge. 🙂

All together, we contemplated on the yellow color and learnt about the shades of it. We draw with the yellow crayons. Our heart became shing like sun! insides became warmer, we also became joyful.

Yellow is one of the main colors. 🎨 That’s why it cannot be obtained by mixing other colors. Yellow represents the light, warmness, action and braveness.

One day we could be run out of all the crayons and color pens. İn this case the solution is to produce.

Some plants, flowers and fruits could give dye. 😍 For example, we can produce yellow dye out of zedoary. 😳

For this recipe, first of all, we need to boil 1 glass of water with the 1 glass of zedoary. We have to add 3 spoon of sugar and boil a bit more and add few drops of water and take it out of cook. After filtering and putting into a jar, here ready is our yellow dye! J

By the way, we have to ask for the help of an elderly! ❣

We cannot dye the cookies with the crayons but we can cook yellow cookies with this dye. 😍

These ideas are great! We are inpatient to try them! ☺

Narrated by Abu Huraira Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustapha peace be upn him said “ verily, mu followers will be called at the day of resurrection as radiant on their face, hands and feet dur to ablution. Whoever can increase this shind could do it so.” 💐

So, our hearts could shine due to the rememberance of Allah the Almighty, thanking Him and if we get ablution regularly we can increase the divine shine of us. ☺

Hands, mouth, nose, face,

Arms, head and ears,

Wipe the neck and wash the feet.

That’s how easy to have ablution (Wudu). ☺

After learning these, we decided to be like stars in the dark, shine like yellow and enlight the environment.

If you also want to join the Gulberenk Programs, please call us and do not forget to register. ⬇

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