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Sureyya Mother Foundation gave Gulberenk the 2011 Service for Children Award

Gülberenk Kahramanmaraş'ta

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk was with its beloved children on the 15th of January in Kahramanmaras. There, we performed the program on “Waste” and had a very nice time. There is Izmit now on the line, then Manyas, afterwards Urfa. And thereafter…. Thank Allah we opened up our arms towards Anatolia! Now, it is time  [ Read More ]

IZMIT TOUR / PROGRAM ON “WASTE” Comments by participants: My name is Ahmet Bahadir Aksel. I am ten years old. I mostly like the passenger child in the program. I learned not to waste anything. AYLA VAROL FROM GULBERENK IZMIT TEAM We started by saying, “Ya Allah, Bismillah!”. We struggled a lot, sometimes we laughed  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk was in Erzincan on Sunday, October 18, with the invitation of the Cicekcibaba Association. Our team realized a very enriched program with the help of the valuable colleagues. The program entitled “waste” was followed by more than five hundred spectators. The audience highly appreciated the program. We would like to thank  [ Read More ]

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Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk team was in Kahramanmaras on Sunday, December 16 with the theme “Reminders of the Winter Season”. More than five hundred spectators took their seats, while Gulberenk was on the stage to performed with great enthusiasm. The program which was realized with the invitation of the Private Seyma Kindergarten, earned the admiration  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk met with the beautiful children of Adapazari on Sunday, May 12th. Through the highly enthusiastic program, the issue of the speech was based on “waste”. The program was held with the valuable contributions of C and B class students of the Salko Girls Qur’an Course and was welcomed with great interest.  [ Read More ]

With Full Respect To Our Children! Gulberenk Values Education Association is founded! Gulberenk, which has been serving children with Educational Children’s Programs for three years, established the Gulberenk Values Education Association. The goal of the association is to help all the children of the world in achieving good moral and exemplary behaviors, regardless of their  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Visitors, Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs and Training Conferences, which have entered the fourth year, will continue as a service of Gulberenk Values Education Association. Until this day Gulberenk has been organizing tours to many cities and provinces around Turkey. Thereby, this year we plan to continue with all those mentioned programs and also  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk Values Education Association’s ongoing services like the Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs and Conferences are receiving invitations from many provinces around Turkey. In addition to the Istanbul programs, appointments have been made to the provinces of Akhisar, Ankara, Sanliurfa, Batman and Rize. Interviews are also ongoing with the provinces that have not  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Children, Gulberenk Values Education Association has given plaques to five productive friends of yours. Yusuf Taha Kimirti, with the car and the tea mixer he invented, Hatice Kubra Kimirti with the board work she produced with the wood burning technique, Rabia Kimirti with the crowns she produced with manual labor and the panels  [ Read More ]