Our Precious Visitors, Founding President of Gulberenk Values Education, Educator & Author Neslihan Nur Turk was in Kandıra for a conference program. The conference focused on the situation in which we live as a society, the spiritual problems that are being experienced and the reasons and the ways in which they can be fought. The  [ Read More ]

Gülberenk Songs / Anthems 2 Coming!!! Gülberenk Songs / Anthems 2, an important effort for our values to live In this album, the pen and the heart of Neslihan Nur TÜRK Râbiâ Kımırtı, Hümâ Koç, Sümeyye Demirel, Zeynep Sâre Pazar and the beautiful voices of Meryem Şirin The art and mastery of Fatih Ihlamur Cihat  [ Read More ]

Gülberenk Prodüksiyon continues to work to keep our values alive. Gülberenk Songs / Marşlar 1, Eşref Ziyâ Terzi, Aykut Kuşkaya, Murat Polat, Turgut Çelik, Mesut Çakarlı, Yusuf Goncagül and Recep Demirkaynak. In this album, Neslihan Nur Türk’s heart and pen, Fatih Ihlamur’s mastery and labor, Türker Dinletir, Turgut Özüfler, Mustafa Tabak, Elif Canfezâ Gündüz, Mehmet  [ Read More ]

We continue to perform in Izmir and Zonguldak on the last Sunday of every month!  

Valuable Visitors, Gulberenk Values Education Association Founder President, Trainer & Author Neslihan Nur Turk was in Zonguldak for the conference program with the invitation of the Provincial Directorate of Family Social Policies. In the Conference on Violence to Women; the issues about what is violence, what are the kinds and the reasons, how to prevent  [ Read More ]

Distinguished Guests, Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs, which are being prepared by Gulberenk Values Education Association, continue to take stage in İzmir on the last Sunday of every month! And in the Ya Ya Sha Sha Program, we learned what it is like to talk less but do more. It seems that instead of gabbing, it  [ Read More ]

Valuable Visitors, The title of the event in November was “Be literate”. In this program, we have learned that we should read in the name of Allah who created the command of reading. Reading is not just to finish schools or get diplomas. The universe that our Allah created is a great book. It’s important  [ Read More ]

Valuable Visitors, We revealed the article that summarizes Gülberenk’s services in eleven articles. We are thankful to Gulberenk Arisi, who has crowned the official membership with voluntary work, and to our members whose number has exceeded two hundred, and thanks to all the beautiful people who have added strength to our power with their prayers  [ Read More ]

We are performing in Istanbul on the first Saturday-Sunday of every month, and we take the stage in Izmir and Zonguldak on the last Sunday of every month! “Be Literate Programs” is as follows; On Saturday, December 1 Hz. Osman Girls’ Qur’an Course Bagcilar/Istanbul On Sunday, December 2 Ilmi Arastırmalar Merkezi Kucuk Camlica/ Istanbul