Dear Valued Visitors, Our Before Sleep Program, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues on the internet with all its excitement. We learned tonight that it is good to be tired. Those who work are successful, those who sleep lazily fail. The most successful people emerged from those who had the most difficulty. For this  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, We peacefully held the last Before Sleep Program of this week. Again buy kamagra 100mg , we learned valuable knowledge from each other. It turns out that when a person is willing, he will definitely find something to do. Hardworking kids schedule their work, put it in order, and do it in  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, After two days apart, we were together again. Although we were all in different places, we were in love because our hearts were one. Tonight we thought about “Beauty”. It turns out that some people thought that beauty consisted of the beauty of the face and body. Actually, this issue is not  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues its Before Sleep Program with great love! At the start of tonight’s show kamagra oral jelly usa , we saw a photo of a dogwood tree growing by itself without anyone planting it! Together, we immediately stopped praying: “My God! Don’t make us look for the absence  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Every weekday evening at 21.00, the Before Sleep Program continues to meet with the Children of Gulberenk! We learned that people should keep their belongings in an orderly manner and value even the smallest material in the house. For example, things such as zippers, shiny or cotton fabrics, beads, cutlery needles, knitting  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Tonight, we learned valuable information again in Before Sleep Program! It turns out that if we start a good job by saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, our Lord will give us ease and success. Those who want to cook must first wash and chop the vegetables, and those who want to make bread must first  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; We got some very sad and scary news tonight on Before Sleep Program. An old uncle’s house burned down today. It turns out that our house, which is our shelter where we live, host guests, eat and relax, is so important! Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy in Before Sleep Program. It turns out that every place has its own spoken language. For example, the pronunciation of a language according to regions and different cultural levels within the borders of its spoken language; The spoken language, which  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, From Heart to Line Lessons Telegram/Friday Meetings continue with love, enthusiasm and sincerity! The increase in participation and those who benefit from it every day makes us even more excited! This week, we held our lesson in the form of hasbihal and question-answer, in which we sometimes talked about different subjects, sometimes  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, We started the Before Sleep Program tonight by listening to the “Progress March”! All together we said: “Both Allah and the Messenger of Allah Proceed with submission and obedience!”. We learned that our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “The one whose two days are equal is in  [ Read More ]