Dear Precious Members, We left behind the Gulberenk Program on “Fatah”. Our program, which started with the Holy Qur’an, continued with the enthusiastic march of the Mehter team. Karagoz and Hacivat, this time also talked about Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. They had just finished their speech, Istanbul came up. Istanbul was eagerly waiting for the  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Our Yellow Program entitled, “Reminders of the Summer Season” was so greatly realized! Keloglan, understood what went wrong when he gave into laziness through the holiday. Turns out the summer was not given to us to waste our time. Plants, animals and people need these hot days a lot. Without the sunlight,  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk repeated its program on the theme “Waste” this month. We all remembered that we should not waste health, papers, resources like water and electricity, food and drinks. Thereby, the clock said, “Allah does not love the one who is wasting!”. Because the wasteful boy, unfortunately, wasted his time, even during the  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Let us start our word by offering respect to all our sisters and brothers who are fasting enthusiastically and patiently these days, as the month of Ramadan coincides with such hot summer days! Gulberenk after its programs in Duzce, Kastamonu and Trabzon tours elaborated on the “Ramadan and Fasting” theme this month  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk realized its initial programs for the 2012-2013 period. Thereby, Gulberenk appeared in Altinoluk Magazine on Saturday and ILAM on Sunday. Thus, it should be understood that Gulberenk has changed the address of its Sunday programs. We have started our fresh new period with the theme, “What You Plant Now You Will  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, In October, Gulberenk presented its audience of Istanbul the program with the theme “Frugality”. This month, the second Prophet Idris aleyhissalam’s “needle” came out of the Time Umbrella. The needle told us that the prophet was person who took the pains as a taylor and constantly did zikhr, and had a peaceful  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, We have left behind a program that says, “Better Give Than Take”. Gulberenk this month, processed the theme “Generosity”. Our audience was very excited and attentive. We all learned that the hand that gave without expecting anything back was superior to the contrary one. The giver should never hurt the one that  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk was in Erzincan on Sunday, October 18, with the invitation of the Cicekcibaba Association. Our team realized a very enriched program with the help of the valuable colleagues. The program entitled “waste” was followed by more than five hundred spectators. The audience highly appreciated the program. We would like to thank  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, After our Erzincan tour in November, we also left behind our initial programs in Istanbul this December. While Gulberenk was followed by an enthusiastic audience in Erzincan, in Istanbul our tag line was, “If You Lie Down With Doğs You Will Rise Up With Fleas” based on the issue “friendship”. The program  [ Read More ]

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Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk team was in Kahramanmaras on Sunday, December 16 with the theme “Reminders of the Winter Season”. More than five hundred spectators took their seats, while Gulberenk was on the stage to performed with great enthusiasm. The program which was realized with the invitation of the Private Seyma Kindergarten, earned the admiration  [ Read More ]