Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk’s program last month was based on “decency”. The importance of decency was explained in detailed, and there was a talk on how decency beautifies human beings. Decency, as our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us, is one of the greatest blessings of Allah given to His  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk in its July program has analyzed the subject “Wasting”. The wasting of money, health, papers, electricity, water, and that we should not waste all these has been told through the whole program with the participation of hundreds of spectators. We realized that many substances that were dumped were actually very useful  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, This month, Gulberenk’s addressed the issue “Sensitivity”. Sensitivity is to love something, we love ourselves too. Sensitivity is to give what you own to someone who needs it and so give it away without being asked for. Sensitivity means to share, help, show love and compassion, have mercy. That is, sensitivity means  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk made the opening of the 2013-2014 period with the “Shahadah Sister Program”. The next September program, through which we talked about the kelimatu-shahadah, was followed by greatly enthusiastic and interested audiences. We have learned that it is not enough to say La Ilaha Ilallah. For a true faith, one has to  [ Read More ]

With Full Respect To Our Children! Gulberenk Values Education Association is founded! Gulberenk, which has been serving children with Educational Children’s Programs for three years, established the Gulberenk Values Education Association. The goal of the association is to help all the children of the world in achieving good moral and exemplary behaviors, regardless of their  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, This month, Gulberenk performed with the “Sukru Uncle Program”. We visited the greengrocer Sukru Uncle’s shop and accompanied him with enthusiasm along with his song, “Praise the blessings given to us, praise even boredom”. It is necessary to give thanks to the blessings Allah has given us, to be thankful to the  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Visitors, Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs and Training Conferences, which have entered the fourth year, will continue as a service of Gulberenk Values Education Association. Until this day Gulberenk has been organizing tours to many cities and provinces around Turkey. Thereby, this year we plan to continue with all those mentioned programs and also  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk Values Education Association’s ongoing services like the Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs and Conferences are receiving invitations from many provinces around Turkey. In addition to the Istanbul programs, appointments have been made to the provinces of Akhisar, Ankara, Sanliurfa, Batman and Rize. Interviews are also ongoing with the provinces that have not  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Children, Gulberenk Values Education Association has given plaques to five productive friends of yours. Yusuf Taha Kimirti, with the car and the tea mixer he invented, Hatice Kubra Kimirti with the board work she produced with the wood burning technique, Rabia Kimirti with the crowns she produced with manual labor and the panels  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, This month, Gulberenk took to the stage with “Sabriye Hatun Program”. Through this program, in which we learned about patience, various colourful characters joined us. It has been obvious that we have to complete a work we have started with full effort. To continue a work with perseverance, persistence, and determination can  [ Read More ]